Just for fun

This is Lucy.  I think it's amazing what you can do with free and very simple photo editing programs today.  Although it's a bit detailed to actually color it, it certainly looks like a pretty awesome pen and ink drawing. I hope everyone has an awesome day.  Look for post on chickens later this week!

Weather or not

Well folks, it seems to finally be drying out here in the Poconos. Good news for out door work, right? Well, kinda. The unseasonably warm temps have departed with the rain, and typical January chill has returned. So, maybe some out door stuff, but nothing major unless necessary. Keep growing, my friends.

Homesteading and

Back in the day, what we now call homesteading was just how life was lived for lots of folks. It was all about survival. I'm pleased to announce that we're collaborating with 'The American Survivalist'. The founder is a good friend of mine, fellow veteran, very knowledgeable in the ways of survival, and he enjoys … Continue reading Homesteading and

Question time

From time to time, we'll throw a question up here, just to see where you're at, and who's paying attention. Today's question: What does the term "homesteading" mean to you. There are no right or wrong answers here, just wondering what your thoughts are.