The first tray of seedlings – PLANTED!

Good morning all!

As you can see, I planted the first seeds on the 16th; now we wait.  I will be posting a video soon of how to make your own pots out of newspaper.  It’s super easy, the tool is relatively inexpensive and can be used indefinitely and uses recycled newspaper which can then be planted directly into the ground where it will decompose.  It will be a waiting game to see how they hold up during the germination and transplant phases.  Right now I’m having some difficulty maintaining moisture but that may just be the result of the tray station I cobbled together.

I hope you stay tuned and watch for further updates on this and other trays.  I will post pictures (like above) of what I plant each time.  If nothing else, I am more organized this year.  Have a super day!

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