Victory Gardens

In March of 1917, the US National War Garden Commission was organized by Charles Lathrop Pack, introducing the concept of the war garden, or Victory Garden, as they later came to be known. By the end of the first World War, over 5 million such gardens had sprung up across the United States. By the end of WWII, there were over 20 million. Folks were encouraged to supply their own food, as much as possible, as a patriotic gesture. This served not only to allow more commercially produced food to go to our troops, but the reduced demand on grocery stores for food meant less expense transporting that food, more vehicles available for the war effort, and a huge boost in morale, as citizens we’re proud to be doing something meaningful to help with the war.
So, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Victory Garden. And, as such, I invite all of you to start, or expand, your home food production. Whether your motivation is quality control over your food supply, security in the event of a food shortage, the health of the planet, or just to same a few bucks, the rewards are huge, and the feeling is fantastic.

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